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Hot Offer! AT043TN13, AA050MA01 and LMS700KF23

Hot Offer! Three small form factor EOL panels available for purchase. Please contact a sales person for more information, P: 978-465-6190 or E:

Size Part # Mfr Res
4.3″ AT043TN13 Innolux 480×272
5.0″ AA050MA01 Mitsubishi 800×480
7.0″ LMS700KF23 Samsung 800×480

Now Offering Updated Innolux Line

SmarterGlass is pleased to announce our new Innolux Line. Below is the industrial part of line. To see the entire line visit our line card. Please inquire if you have any questions about this line.

Size Model Name Resolution Nits Backlight
7.0″ G070Y2-L01 800×480 500 LED
7.0″ G070Y2-T02 800×480 500 LED
7.0″ G070Y3-T01 800×480 600 LED
8.0″ G080Y1-T01 800×480 600 LED
10.4″ G104V1-T03 640×480 500 LED
10.4″ G104S1-L01 800×600 400 LED
10.4″ G104X1-L03 1024×768 350 LED
10.4″ G104X1-L04 1024×768 500 LED
12.1″ G121S1-L02 800×600 600 LED
12.1″ G121X1-L03 1024×768 600 LED
12.1″ G121X1-L04 1024×768 500 LED
12.1″ G121I1-L01 1280×800 400 LED
13.3″ G133I1-L02 1280×800 400 CCFL
13.3″ G133IGE-L03 1280×800 500 LED
14.1″ G141C1-L01 1440×900 250 LED
15.0″ G150XGE-L04 1024×768 400 LED
15.4″ G154I1-LE1 1280×800 450 LED

Available LCD: S029GQ03NS

For the first week of 2017, CDTech has released the S029GQ03NS bar type model which, as the name gives away, a bar type (wide form factor) TFT LCD. Featuring an unusual 8:3 aspect ratio, this screen’s small form factor has a standard relatively average 117.85 PPI making it ideal for reliable moderate to low resolution display applications. Additonally, the wide range of operating temperatures makes for an equally wide range of applications worldwide.

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Available LCDs: LQ047K3SX06 and LS047T1SC02

The LQ047K3SX06 and LS047T1SC02 are both very popular panels for use in products such as Apple’s iPhone 6. These are 4.7″ TFT LCD screens manufactured by Sharp featuring a 314 PPI (a relatively high pixel density), 16:9 display designed for use in mobile phones. These screens come with embedded capacitive touch capabilities to make your display solution experience as easy to set-up for the manufacturer as possible, and as easy to interface with on the user end once your product is complete.

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High Brightness Available Panels

SmarterGlass can currently supply a series of high-brightness industrial A-Grade panels. These panels range from 7″ to 55″ from a variety of different manufacturers including AUO, CMI, SHARP, and LG. Common uses for these panels to be integrated into include but never limited to:

  • Kiosk displays
  • Automotive displays
  • Marine/Aviation displays
  • Military displays
  • Aviation
  • Hand-held Devices
  • Commercial Digital Signage

All panels listed below feature 1000 cd/m2, making them ideal for a variety of high ambient light applications, useful both indoor and outdoor. 

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Available LCDs: SHARP LQ070Y5DE01

Eleven thousand two hundred sixty LQ070Y5DE01 panels became available for purchase this week. This discontinued panel is still a popular choice in the automotive industry, as its high-reliability and sturdy frame helps its reliability in high vibration environments such as cars. Its moderate pixel density allows for high visibility, which coupled with its 65° viewing angle provides a low-distraction environment (direct light from the screen will find it difficult to reach the driver’s eyes, unless directly looked at).

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