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Available Now Industrial Panels from Innolux!

Do you need LCD panels for your industrial application? We have 22 different Innolux panels designed for industrial use.
Contact one of our qualified sales people for more information, P: 978-465-6190 or E: sales@smarterglass.com.

Size Part # Resolution
5.7 G057AGE-T01 320×240
5.7 G057VGE-T01 640×480
7.0 G070Y2-L01 800×480
7.0 G070Y2-T02 800×480
7.0 G070Y3-T01 800×480
8.0 G080Y1-T01 800×480
10.1 G101ICE-L01 1280×800
10.4 G104AGE-L02 800×600
10.4 G104S1-L01 800×600
10.4 G104X1-L03 1024×768
10.4 G104X1-L04 1024×768
12.1 G121AGE-L03 800×600
12.1 G121I1-L01 1280×800
12.1 G121X1-L03 1024×768
12.1 G121X1-L04 1024×768
12.1 G121XCE-L01 1024×768
15.0 G150XGE-L04 1024×768
15.0 G150XGE-L05 1024×768
15.0 G150XGE-L07 1024×768
15.0 G150XNE-L01 1024×768
15.0 G150XNE-L03 1024×768
15.6 G156BGE-L03 1366×768

Display-Based Games Parts Replacement

With new casinos being built from England to Vietnam and the recent US Supreme Court Ruling on sports betting the number of display-based games is increasing dramatically. This increase is not just due to new facilities and opportunities, but also because of monetary return.

David Schwartz, the Director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, states it best in his Forbes article, “How Casinos Use Math To Make Money When You Play The Slots.”

“Slot machines remain the most important money-making part of casinos in the United States. In many states, casinos make between 65 and 80 percent of their gambling income from slots. In Las Vegas, the percentage varies from 88 percent in casinos that cater primarily to locals to 50 percent on the Las Vegas Strip, where high rollers betting tens of thousands a dollar a hand skews the results in favor of table games.”

While these games offer greater customer interactivity and engagement, they come with different replacement part challenges. Navigating the shark infested waters of LCD panel sourcing can be dangerous. It is filled with scams, frauds, and unknowledgeable vendors. Whether you are a casino, sports bar, or repair shop, you need the right LCD panel the first time. Every second your game is out of order you’re losing money.

SmarterGlass understands that. We have 18 years of experience providing LCD panels to a variety of companies all over the world. We source panels that are no longer in production and can find replacement solutions when panels are no longer available. Our Gaming representative, Tara Faino (tara@smarterglass.com) (978-465-6190 x 586), can help you find the panel to get your game back on line. Her 7 years of experience providing LCD panels to the gaming industry and wealth of knowledge about subject will turn your LCD buying experience from a nightmare into a dream.

10.1″ – 55.0″ BOE Health-care Panels

10.1″ – 55.0″ BOE Health-care products for the FY 2018. Please contact a sales person for more information, P: 978-465-6190 or E: sales@smarterglass.com.

  • Long lifetime
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • High Color Gamut
Size Part # Res App Prod
10.1 EV101WXM-N50 WXGA Monitoring Dev
10.4 TT104S0M-NW0 SVGA Monitoring MP
10.4 TBA XGA Monitoring 18Q1
12.1 EV121WM-N10 WXGA Monitoring Dev
12.1 TT121S0M-NW0 SVGA Monitoring MP
12.1 TBA XGA Monitoring 18Q1
13.3 NV133FHM-N63 FHD Ultrasound MP
15.0 HM150X01-102 XGA Ultrasound MP
15.6 EV156FHM-N10 FHD Ultrasound MP
15.6 NV156FHM-N43 FHD Ultrasound MP
15.6 NV156FHM-N42 FHD Ultrasound MP
15.6 TBA HD Monitoring 18Q1
17.3 NV173FHM-N41 FHD Ultrasound MP
19.0 DV190E0M-NM0 SXGA Clinical Review MP
19.0 MV190E0M-N10 SXGA Clinical Review MP
21.3 TBA 1200×1600 Diagnostic 18Q2
21.3 TBA 1536×2048 Diagnostic 18Q2
21.5 MV215FHM-N30 FHD Ultrasound MP
21.5 TBA FHD Ultrasound 18Q2
23.0 MV230FHM-N10 UHD Surgical MP
23.8 MV238QUM-N20 UHD Surgical MP
23.8 EV238FHM-N11 FHD Clinical Review MP
23.8 MV238QHM-N10 QHD Surgical MP
24.0 MV240WUM-N10 WUXGA Ultrasound MP
24.0 TBA WUXGA Surgical 18Q1
27.0 MV270QUM-N10 UHD Surgical MP
27.0 HR270WU1-200 FHD Surgical MP
27.0 TBA UHD Surgical 18Q1
55.0 TBA UHD Surgical 18Q2