8.4 – 14.0″ LCD AD Board Kits

Nine LCD Panel and AD board kits from 8.4 – 14.0 inches. Please contact a sales person for more information, P: 978-465-6190 or E: sales@smarterglass.com.

SizePart #ResNitsInput
8.4K084LSS-T01800×600350VGA, DVI, Audio
10.1K101LAW-T011024×600200VGA, DVI, Audio
10.1K101LWW-V011080×800200VGA, DVI, Audio
10.4K104LGS-T011024×768350VGA, DVI, Audio
11.6K116DXW-V011366×768250VGA, DVI, Audio
12.1K121LGS-T011024×768500VGA, DVI, Audio
12.5K125DHW-V011920×1080300VGA, DVI, Audio
13.3K133DHW-V011920×1080330VGA, DVI, Audio
14.0K140DHW-V011920×1080250VGA, DVI, Audio

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