Available LCDs 4/14/16

  • AMS529BY01 – 5,000 pcs available
  • AMS369FG06 – 10,000 pcs available


After gaining populartiy as Galaxy Note replacement panels, the AMS529BY01 is still in high demand. Regarded as small but very powerfu, this AM-OLED panel draws minimal amounts of power but performs as a high resolution touch screen with a quick refresh rate, making them ideal candidates for cell phone and tablet products. 

Product Specifications:

  • Samsung brand
  • AM-OLED Screen
  • 1080×1920 resolution (portrait mode)
  • Hard coating (3H)
  • Wide viewing angle (88° in all directions)
  • Embedded capacitive touch screen
  • Weight: 31.8g 
  • 5.3″ diagonal
  • Operates between -20° and 60° C


Another popular panel for mobile phones, the AMS369FG06 is better for mobile devices or projects requiring small screens as its lack of embedded touch gives it a lighter weight, but less compatibility with popular mobile operating systems.

Product Specifications:

  • Samsung brand
  • 480×800 resolution (portrait mode)
  • Wide viewing angle (80° in all directions)
  • Weight: 21.7g 
  • 3.7″ diagonal
  • Operates between -20° and 70° C

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