Available LCDs 5/16/16

Sharp is an Osaka based company that specializes in producting small, high quality, high resolution displays for industrial, professional, or personal use. This makes them ideal for implimentation in a wide array of products, especially perfect for applications in tablets, mobile phones, or laptops and computers.

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Part NumberManufacturerSize (inches)QualityQuantity
LS013B7DH01SHARP1.3″A Grade, New20,000
LS026B8PX02SHARP2.6″A Grade, New46,406
LS026B8PX04SHARP2.6″A Grade, New230,000
LQ030B1DC50SHARP3.0″A Grade, New29,399
LQ030B1DC60SHARP3.0″A Grade, New42,600
LS032J3DW01SHARP3.2″A Grade, New70,000
LQ035Q7DB02SHARP3.5″A Grade, New1,000
LQ035Q7DB04SHARP3.5″A Grade, New719
LS035H8DY02XSHARP3.5″A Grade, New31,768
LQ036Q1DA01SHARP3.6″A Grade, New273
LQ036Q1DA01SHARP3.6″A Grade, New18,000
LQ036T1DG01CSHARP3.6″A Grade, New75,000
LS037V7DW01SHARP3.7″A Grade, New800
LS037V7DW06SHARP3.7″A Grade, New800
LS037V7DD06RSHARP3.7″A Grade, New7,800
LS038Y3LX01SHARP3.8″A Grade, New78,000
LS040S3DX01SHARP4.0″A Grade, New29,740
LQ042T5DZ11SHARP4.2″A Grade, New90,000
LQ043T1DG02SHARP4.3″A Grade, New4,800
LQ043T3DG01SHARP4.3″A Grade, New2,400

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