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Manufacturer Reveal: CPT

Established in 1971, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) is a panel manufacturer for automotive, industrial, and tablet applications. As the name implies, they started out making CRT screens that quite literally required ‘picture tubes’ to project images onto a screen.

Now, they have developed into an international opto-electronics manufacturer utilizing any and all modern technology they have available to them, and researching those which are not yet available. Lately, they have evolved into developing and producing small to mid-sized panels. However, they mainly specialize in smaller panel applications for what would be found in a car or on a tablet, usually only getting as large as 10.4″ on the diagonal.

Fun Fact: The 3 numbers following the 4 letter prefix for any CPT part number is representative of the panel size in inches (i.e. CLAA101ND06 CW is a 10.1” panel).

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This Week’s Hot Find: AA104VC10 Panels

Perfect for industrial and medical use, this Mitsubishi TFT is discontinued but still available! SmarterGlass has 1700 panels available for purchasing. 

The AA104VC10 is a medium sized, clear screen useful for industrial applications. Mounting holes occupy the left and right bezel for easy implementation in a wide array of applications, and its mid-low resolution allows it to be read from greater distances. Check out the product specs below for some of its notable features!

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Japanese Earthquakes Affect Production

After a series of ground-shaking quakes this week in south-west Japan, the electronics industry and major supply chains have been disrupted. Last thursday evening (Japan time), the Kumamoto prefecture experienced a powerful earthquake reaching a 6.4 on the Richter scale. Merely two days later, a 7.3 triggered tsunami warnings and a series of powerful aftershocks in tow.

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Discovering the V420H1-L07

Boasting a hard exterior coating (3H), large panel size, and high image quality, this discontinued panel remains highly desired. Good for across-the-room viewing, the V420H1-L07 is largely used as a television screen, or for viewing data across a larger span of area than most panels can provide. It’s weight, although seemingly cumbersome, comes from its high stability and large size! Check out more details below.

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An Inside Look at: G104X1-L04

An ultra-viewable panel all around, this panel is perfect for industrial applications in which a clear, visible, reliable screen is needed, making it a widely applicable panel. As such is most often applied in military, medical, or avionics fields. Specific features supporting this include its wide viewing angles, high temperature range, white LED backlighting (with easily replacable lamp) and a smooth antiglare surface.

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