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Display Week 2016!

The Society for Information Display is hosting an international Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition in San Francisco, California this week! Taking place from May 22-27 at the Moscone Convention Center, the event will feature a number of keynote speakers to introduce the exhibition. 

Following the introduction, a 3-day exhibition of world class technology will be taking place alongside a 4-day technical symposium, with a series of talks and seminars available all week.

Tuesday will feature three keynote speakers, speaking on the following topics:

  • Devices of Today and the Future, presented by Mr. Steven Bathiche from Microsoft
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Mobile Displays, presented by Mr. Hiroyuki Ohshima from Japan Display Inc.
  • Critical Technical Issues and the Future of Flexible OLED Displays, presented by Dr. Sung-Chul Kim from Samsung Display Co., LTD

Eric Primack, owner of SmarterGlass, LLC will also be attending the convention and is available to meet with other attendees curious about the industry or those looking for more information on specific panels! If you’re interested in meeting with him, please find him representing SmarterGlass by the contact information listed below:

SmarterGlass hopes everybody enjoys their International Display Week! A more detailed schedule for special topics can be found below.

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This Week’s Hot Find: LS055R1SX04

After the development of 3D televisions emerged the idea of immersive virtual realities. These high-tech displays provide entertainment through the use of two images unique to what each eye would see, allowing the user to experience a game or video as if they were really there. 

Such technology requires the use of high quality displays. Not only does the screen have to be high resolution so the image does not get pixelated at the close proximity required by VR, but it has to have a high refresh rate to prevent from lag and delayed image updating.

Recently, one of the most popular panels for use in such products has become available: the LS055R1SX04. This SHARP panel boasts a 1440×2560 resolution on its modest 5.5″ display, indicating that it so features an impressively high 537 PPI. These important attributes make it perfect for use in virtual reality headsets, as well as HD smartphone screens.

Read more about the LS055R1SX04’s product specifications below!

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Available LCDs 5/16/16

Sharp is an Osaka based company that specializes in producting small, high quality, high resolution displays for industrial, professional, or personal use. This makes them ideal for implimentation in a wide array of products, especially perfect for applications in tablets, mobile phones, or laptops and computers.

Not sure which panel is right for you? Find the data sheet for any of the panels below by contacting us at to learn more!

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This Week’s Hot Find: HSD070PWW1-B01

Being both very hard to find and highly desired for its use in tablets, the HSD070PWW1-B01 is This Week’s Hot Find. 

Featuring a wide viewing angle, wide aspect ratio, and powerful white backlight, the HSD070PWW1-B01 is designed for tablets and small laptop computers. Although still currently in production, it is hard to find in the market due to its widespread usage and tendency to sell quickly.

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Manufacturer Reveal: Ampire

Another company specializing in small and medium sized LCD modules, Ampire was established in 1998 as an industrial control panel manufacturer. Now, almost 20 years later they continue to be a prominent company in the display industry, providing both touch and non-touch display solutions.

Although their largest panel is only around 16″ on the diagonal, they provide a wide range of panel sizes and a variety of resolutions for each size, typically chosen based on the application. Ampire specializes in outdoor applications, providing rugged and damage-resistent paneling than most companies offer, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor industrial applications. Most displays are also high-brightness, making them perfect for use outdoors where they will need to provide contrast in direct sunlight.

Fun fact: Ampire part numbers contain the resolution of the screen immediately after the ‘AM’ prefix. Example: AM1024768H1 has a resolution of 1024x768.

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