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All About Cover Glass

Cover glass is a thin layer of material placed and bonded over a display panel, with a variety of uses. It comes in any number of standard see-through (optically clear) materials, such as glass, polycarbonate, plastic, plexiglass, or acrylic, each with a variety of benifits. Glass is standard for regular TFT LCD screens; AMOLED screens with flexibility may require a flexible plastic instead. Acrylic provides a more shatter-proof experience (but cannot be cleaned by isopropyl alcohol: it will attack the surface and dissolve the polymer chains of the acrylic plastics).

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Available LCD: LQ084V3DG02

The SHARP LQ084V3DG02 is an 8.4″ normally white transmissive panel. Mass production for this panel began late in 2008, and is currently reaching its end-of-life phase. It is very hard to find and is in high demand, as it features a wide range of enhancements allowing for use in many industrial applications.

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High Brightness Available Panels

SmarterGlass can currently supply a series of high-brightness industrial A-Grade panels. These panels range from 7″ to 55″ from a variety of different manufacturers including AUO, CMI, SHARP, and LG. Common uses for these panels to be integrated into include but never limited to:

  • Kiosk displays
  • Automotive displays
  • Marine/Aviation displays
  • Military displays
  • Aviation
  • Hand-held Devices
  • Commercial Digital Signage

All panels listed below feature 1000 cd/m2, making them ideal for a variety of high ambient light applications, useful both indoor and outdoor. 

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Available LCDs: SHARP LQ070Y5DE01

Eleven thousand two hundred sixty LQ070Y5DE01 panels became available for purchase this week. This discontinued panel is still a popular choice in the automotive industry, as its high-reliability and sturdy frame helps its reliability in high vibration environments such as cars. Its moderate pixel density allows for high visibility, which coupled with its 65° viewing angle provides a low-distraction environment (direct light from the screen will find it difficult to reach the driver’s eyes, unless directly looked at).

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Available LCDs: SHARP LQ043T1DG01

Available in large quantities this week is the LQ043T1DG01 by SHARP. SmarterGlass currently has 9,600 panels available, though the last shipment from manufacturer was in first quarter of 2013. This is a popular panel particularly in mobile navigation and GPS units, but can be utilized for any small-display applications in industry, automotive, medical, or aviary applications. 

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