All About Viewing Angle Enhancements

Viewing angle enhancements can be added onto your panel to provide a more comfortable viewing cone, the area in which the monitor can be seen. All twisted nematic (TN) displays can be upgraded to a super wide view panel and still maintain industrial grade performance with SmarterGlass’ bonding process.

In traditional TN displays, the majority of the light travels in one direction: forward. This makes viewers directly in front of the monitor experience truer colors and a better view than those on the sides, or those on the fringes of the cone. SmarterGlass can provide panel adjustments to widen or narrow your viewing cone depending on necessary usage. Commercial panels typically require wider viewing angles to appeal to more customers at any given time; conversely, panels used in cars generally want a narrower viewing cone so as not to distract the driver.

SmarterGlass’ omni-film lamination technology allows light to go to all directions and achieve an optimized wide viewing angle performance that is only slightly less than true IPS display. Industrial display users looking for lower panel prices often use this option, as it maintains a lower cost for the panel itself while still performing similarly to a wide-view IPS display.

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