Available LCD: S029GQ03NS

For the first week of 2017, CDTech has released the S029GQ03NS bar type model which, as the name gives away, a bar type (wide form factor) TFT LCD. Featuring an unusual 8:3 aspect ratio, this screen’s small form factor has a standard relatively average 117.85 PPI making it ideal for reliable moderate to low resolution display applications. Additonally, the wide range of operating temperatures makes for an equally wide range of applications worldwide.

Additional specifications below:

  • P/N: S029GQ03NS
  • Resolution: 320×120
  • Aspect ratio: 8:3
  • PPI: 117.85
  • Luminance: 300nits
  • Interface: RGB
  • Size: 2.9inch
  • Active Area: 70.08 x 26.28
  • Op. Temp.: -20° to 70°C
  • LED number: 6 LEDs

To learn more about this panel, contact sales@smarterglass.com, or through our contact page! If you’re interested in the circuit schematic for this panel, please click the blue button below.

LCM-S029GQ03NS V2.0 Form