Available LCDs: LQ047K3SX06 and LS047T1SC02

The LQ047K3SX06 and LS047T1SC02 are both very popular panels for use in products such as Apple’s iPhone 6. These are 4.7″ TFT LCD screens manufactured by Sharp featuring a 314 PPI (a relatively high pixel density), 16:9 display designed for use in mobile phones. These screens come with embedded capacitive touch capabilities to make your display solution experience as easy to set-up for the manufacturer as possible, and as easy to interface with on the user end once your product is complete.

Further specifications of the panels are listed below:

  • Over 40,000 of each panel is currently available
  • NEW A-Grade product
  • 4.7″ on the diagonal (11.94 cm)
  • 720×1080 resoultion
    • 16:9 aspect ratio
    • 314 PPI
  • Operates between -20° and 60° C

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