Available LCDs: SHARP LQ043T1DG01

Available in large quantities this week is the LQ043T1DG01 by SHARP. SmarterGlass currently has 9,600 panels available, though the last shipment from manufacturer was in first quarter of 2013. This is a popular panel particularly in mobile navigation and GPS units, but can be utilized for any small-display applications in industry, automotive, medical, or aviary applications. 

Not only is it a capable display device, but its embedded resistive touch enables it to be a control device as well. Wet, dusty, or otherwise less-than-clean hands need not worry about the standard issues of capacitive touch, which uses the electroconductivity of the human body as an interactive medium by detecting changes in the capacitance of a glass or plastic substrate surface. Resistive, however, simply involves an overlay of horizontal wires atop vertical wires in a grid across the screen; when the screen is pressed, these wires are pressed together. This method is less sensitive to materials that may affect capacitance (such as water), and ensures a reliable touch experience for a variety of applications.

Being a moderate-resolution input/output device, the LQ043T1DG01 excels in interactive controls (editable buttons that light up or change color when pressed), small media players, and navigation devices. Read more about other specifications on the LQ043T1DG01 below:

  • 4.3″ diagonal
  • Embedded 4-wire resistive touch
  • Normally white transmissive
  • Hard coating (3H)
  • PPI: 228
  • Resolution: 480×272 (16:9 aspect ratio)
  • Brightness: 500 cd/m2
  • Temperature of Operation: -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F)

For information on how to get this panel, contact SmarterGlass, your favorite panel distributor. Contact information listed below:

Or, to download the datasheet for the LQ043T1DG01, click below!

LQ043T1DG01 Form