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Available LCDs: SHARP LQ043T1DG01

Available in large quantities this week is the LQ043T1DG01 by SHARP. SmarterGlass currently has 9,600 panels available, though the last shipment from manufacturer was in first quarter of 2013. This is a popular panel particularly in mobile navigation and GPS units, but can be utilized for any small-display applications in industry, automotive, medical, or aviary applications. 

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Compatible Models and Upgrading Your Product

Now that your product has an LCD or touch panel in it, your device is ready for production and is on the market. But has the panel you chose reached the end of its production life, and you can’t seem to find a replacement anywhere?

As new technologies develop and form factors are able to be condensed, panel manufacturers and producers will discontinue the production of old redundant panels. However, oftentimes they (or their competitors) will also release compatible models. These models generally have the same resolution and size, with better contrast ratios, brightness, or condensed circuitry to control the panel!

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Manufacturer Reveal: LG Innotek

LG Innotek manufactures high performance, quality LCD display panels for many products in varying markets. From manufacturing automotive parts to fine semiconductor electronics, the CEO Jong-Seok Park states the company operates on the belief that “components and materials determine the quality of the end products.” As such, the company specializes in high grade electronic and automotive components, often in lieu of retail and point of sale products.

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This Week’s Hot Panel: AA192AA01 and AA192AA51

Mitsubishi developed the AA192AA01 for mass production in early 2010 as a bar panel, typically for use in the automotive industry.

The special viewing angle is designed for use in cars, as it is visible from 80° from above, below and from the right; the viewing angle from the left is only 60° however, so that the driver of the vehicle will be distinctly less able to view the screen, providing a safer driving environment (fewer distractions).

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Manufacturer Reveal: Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a global company specializing in the manufacture, production, and sale of electronics and technologies. Officially founded on January 15, 1921 in Tokyo, Japan, this industry leader extends its reach through a range of applications. In addition to the LCD industry, Mitsubishi manufactures electronic equipment used in Energy and electric systems, automation, information and communication systems, electronic devices and microprocessing, and home appliances.

Fun Fact: Similarly to some other LCD manufacturers, Mitsubishi panel part numbers also include the length of the diagonal of the panel in the panel number. Ex. AA192AA01 is a 19.2” panel.

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This Week’s Hot Find: HSD070PWW1-B01

Being both very hard to find and highly desired for its use in tablets, the HSD070PWW1-B01 is This Week’s Hot Find. 

Featuring a wide viewing angle, wide aspect ratio, and powerful white backlight, the HSD070PWW1-B01 is designed for tablets and small laptop computers. Although still currently in production, it is hard to find in the market due to its widespread usage and tendency to sell quickly.

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