Compatible Models and Upgrading Your Product

Now that your product has an LCD or touch panel in it, your device is ready for production and is on the market. But has the panel you chose reached the end of its production life, and you can’t seem to find a replacement anywhere?

As new technologies develop and form factors are able to be condensed, panel manufacturers and producers will discontinue the production of old redundant panels. However, oftentimes they (or their competitors) will also release compatible models. These models generally have the same resolution and size, with better contrast ratios, brightness, or condensed circuitry to control the panel!

For example: the T-55604D192J-LW-A-AAN is a 19.2″ discontinued bar panel used for industrial applications. It has a 1920×360 resolution, making it perfect for high quality digital signage; however, in quarter 2 of 2010, the panel manufacturer, Optrex, stopped the production of the panel. This would cause a problem for companies intending to continue the production and output of products utilizing this panel. While this was put out of production, Mitsubishi had the AA192AA01, another 19.2″ 1920×360 screen, which began mass production in 2010, as a compatibile model.

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