Consider a Touch Screen

Finding the right interface for your product can be difficult- how much screen space should it have? How crucial is a screen for your product? Is it going to require buttons, levers, and knobs to operate effectively? Wiring these components while also not wasting valuable surface area is tricky!

For some devices, mechanical is key. When working with high voltages or sensitive equipment, sometimes you need to be sure that when you turn a knob or flip a switch, it stays that way! Oscilliscopes for example have both a display for the wave-form of the AC input you’re reading, and a series of buttons and knobs for fine, precision tuning of your instrumentation.

While this is an effective mechanical interface, the same can be accomplished with a touch screen. Not only are touch screens compact and are solid state devices (no moving parts means less likely to break), but internally driver boards for screens are easy to hook up!

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