Display Enhancements for You

SmarterGlass provides a variety of enhancements that we can apply to your display, applicable to a broad range of FPD technologies including Liquid Crystal (LCD), Plasma, Vacuum Fluorescents (VFD), and organic light-emitting diode (OLED). Our goal is to improve the looks and durability of your LCD or FPD in all the environments in which it will operate. We provide solutions and enhancements including but not limited to:

  • Glare Management
  • Backlighting
  • Optical bonding
  • Viewing angle enhancement

More details on each of these can be read below.

Glare Management

Enhancements designed for glare management solutions dramatically reduce front surface and internal reflections while also making the display brighter and increasing viewability in all conditions. Glare management also includes anti-reflection and contrast enhancement, individual enhancements of such are listed below:

  • Optical Lamination of Flexible Substrates
  • Optical Bonding of Rigid Substrates
  • Passive Backlight Enhancements
  • Active Backlight Enhancements
  • Contact Assembly and Kitting
  • Touch Panel Attachment
  • Test, Measurement, and Display Screening
  • Humidity protection
  • Polarizer Replacement
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Surface treatments
  • Specialty Thin Film Coating Design
  • Repair and Refurbishing of LCD Displays


LCD displays benefit from passive enhancements utilizing more efficient light diffusing films in the optical path and through focusing the existing light emitted from the display to the designed eye position. Passive Enhancements alone can almost double the light output of many displays. We can apply materials which work by focusing light to the viewer that would otherwise be sent in all directions. Additionally, SmarterGlass can apply a reflective polarizer which actually recycles the light which would otherwise be attenuated by the rear polarizer of the display.

For difficult or extreme environments, we recommend switching to LED solutions. Smarter Glass can design and provide almost any commercially available display in an LED version, which provides robustness through its inherent solid state while also providing more brightness for with less power.
Benefits of LED Backlights:

  • More Brightness with less power consumption and less heat to remove from the system
  • Wide Temperature Operations – Instant On
  • Low Voltage operation for minimal impact on EMI/RFI
  • More robust when subject to mechanical shock and vibration
  • NVIS compatible LED for dual mode operation
  • Can be used in direct backlighting application to increase dynamic contrast
  • Long Life Operation and Redundancy
  • No Mercury and ROHS Compliant

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Cover Glass

Optically Bonded “Cover Glass” can be any number of materials (such as glass, polycarbonate, acrylic, touch screens, or other optically clear overlay material) which is then placed in front of the LCD. A bonding process is then applied to coat the original display in a protective coating. Integrated ITO Heaters and EMI/RFI shielding can be included in the bonding process if needed, providing a product that is compliant to the most extreme of requirements.

Optical Bonding reduces or eliminates reflection from internal and external light sources. When combined with an Anti-Reflection front surface it is possible to dramatically reduce glare and increase light transmission from the assembly yielding the most satisfying and accurate viewing experience.

  • Protection of the display- Optically bonded displays can be developed for almost any system, from waterproof to weatherproof
  • Safety- Optically bonded displays help contain materials in the event of breakage
  • Reduced Power- By directing the light more efficiently, less energy is needed for the backlight
  • Ergonomics- A display with reduced glare and a sharp clear image reduces eyestrain 
  • Cleaner- By eliminating the gap between the LCD and cover glass, this area can no longer collect dust and moisture
  • Vibration and Mechanical Shock

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Viewing Angle Enhancement

All TN displays can be upgraded to a super wide view panel and still maintain industrial grade performance with SmarterGlass’ bonding process. In a traditional TN display, the majority amount of light travels only one direction where it becomes the visible to the users. SmarterGlass’ omni-film lamination technology allows light to go to all directions and achieve an optimized wide viewing angle performance that is only slightly less than true IPS display. It empowers industrial display users who have no access to more expensive IPS displays to one that has almost no color shifting from any angle.

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