EOL Notices and What They Mean for You

An EOL Notice, or End Of Life notice, means that a panel you’re currently buying is reaching the end of its manufacturing process- after a certain date, this panel will no longer be in production. What does this translate to? No more panels for you to put in your product, and therefore products using that panel can be jeopardized. Will you upgrade your panel and subsequently your entire product? What if you need more time to redesign your product? What if you simply can’t redesign at this stage of production?

Steady LCD supply streams are hard to come by, especially from a source you can trust. Overseas supply streams can be unreliable or untrustworthy, making them unavailable without a certain accepted risk factor. In the United States, quality direct from manufacture panels for low prices are simply unavailable most of the time.

SmarterGlass has a global network of panel suppliers, manufacturers, and panel stocks that can provide you with a wide variety of panels so that when the panel you prefer becomes unavailable, we can help work with you to find a solution fit for your product. If you’re planning on redesigning, we can find a suitable panel to fit all of your new needs. If you don’t plan on making your product anew with a new panel, we’ll work with your design team to find as similar of a replacement as possible to create a low impact, low modification resolution to your EOL problems.