Industry LCD Shortage

Recently, the display panel industry has been facing new changes and developments that may affect the global supply chain. Through a series of market forces such as reinvestments, new more promising technologies, and the reallocation of priorities have caused there to be a significant impact on the production and subsequently the availability of small and medium-sized color TFT panels, in addition to premium IPS wide screens.

What happened?

In short, major Korean manufacturers of these mid-sized panels have recently gone through a change in market strategy, from developing small panels to researching and producing newer more profitable displays.


Due to a recent increase in the production of small panels in China, some of Korea’s prominent panel manufacturers such as LG and Samsung have begun to move towards large-sized LCD panels and OLED panels. Smaller TFTs will ultimately prove to be no longer profitable as the lower-cost manufacturing in China will reduce profits for Korean panel manufacturers.

What do we recommend?

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