Manufacturer Reveal: Ampire

Another company specializing in small and medium sized LCD modules, Ampire was established in 1998 as an industrial control panel manufacturer. Now, almost 20 years later they continue to be a prominent company in the display industry, providing both touch and non-touch display solutions.

Although their largest panel is only around 16″ on the diagonal, they provide a wide range of panel sizes and a variety of resolutions for each size, typically chosen based on the application. Ampire specializes in outdoor applications, providing rugged and damage-resistent paneling than most companies offer, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor industrial applications. Most displays are also high-brightness, making them perfect for use outdoors where they will need to provide contrast in direct sunlight.

Fun fact: Ampire part numbers contain the resolution of the screen immediately after the ‘AM’ prefix. Example: AM1024768H1 has a resolution of 1024x768.

Whats new? Ampire keeps up to date on all new and emerging panel technologies including but not limited to research in:

    • Provides sharp color and superior contrast
    • Thinner than any other known type of display to date
  • UART
    • Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmistter
    • Asynchronous communication means connected devices don’t necessarily run on same clock
    • Enables multiple devices or data communication lines in one wire
    • Allows for high-level GUI from a low-end system
  • TFTs
    • Thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD)
    • Improves image quality with addressability and contrast
    • Active matrix LCD

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Ampire Available Panels 

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