Manufacturer Reveal: CPT

Established in 1971, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) is a panel manufacturer for automotive, industrial, and tablet applications. As the name implies, they started out making CRT screens that quite literally required ‘picture tubes’ to project images onto a screen.

Now, they have developed into an international opto-electronics manufacturer utilizing any and all modern technology they have available to them, and researching those which are not yet available. Lately, they have evolved into developing and producing small to mid-sized panels. However, they mainly specialize in smaller panel applications for what would be found in a car or on a tablet, usually only getting as large as 10.4″ on the diagonal.

Fun Fact: The 3 numbers following the 4 letter prefix for any CPT part number is representative of the panel size in inches (i.e. CLAA101ND06 CW is a 10.1” panel).

Whats New? Currently some exciting new breakthroughs in LCD panel technology are being researched at CPT, including but not limited to:

  • Flexible and potentially rollable AMOLED screens
  • Transparent AMOLEDs that would be see through while powered off
  • Portable transparent LCD displays (see through cell phones)
  • In cell touch displays
    • Supports display, touch, and digitizer
    • All three in one layer
    • Low weight
  • Heads-up displays for a range of applications

Check out available CPT products by following the link below:

CPT Available Panels 

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