Manufacturer Reveal: E Ink

E Ink is a world renowned innovator in display technology through its development and use of electronic paper display technology.

Electronic paper, or E-paper for short, is a method of display in which light, rather than being producted by a backlight behind the display and shown through it, is instead reflected in a manner similar to that of real paper. This allows for more comfortable reading (as no synthetic light is directed at the user’s eyes), and wider viewing angles. In addition to the display having the ability to be read in direct sunlight without the image fading, E-paper can sustain a static image indefinitely without being supplied electricity, making it widely used in digital signage, timetable displays, e-textbooks, and other low-power uses for interchangable information displays.

E Ink manufactures panels in an array of sizes ranging from displays small enough to display available storage on a standard USB flash drive to large displays such as those in trainstations to display schedules. Most recently they have developed an electrophoretic display known as Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP)- a full color electronic paper display that promises to hold in store new low power color displays, although its currently planned to be used mainly for digital signage.

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