Manufacturer Reveal: LG Innotek

LG Innotek manufactures high performance, quality LCD display panels for many products in varying markets. From manufacturing automotive parts to fine semiconductor electronics, the CEO Jong-Seok Park states the company operates on the belief that “components and materials determine the quality of the end products.” As such, the company specializes in high grade electronic and automotive components, often in lieu of retail and point of sale products.

They are a supplier of mid- to large-sized panels, generally designed for use in other products. This includes mobile phones, tablet displays, consumer and household items, automotive, or avionic implementation.

The most popular panels supplied by SmarterGlass from LG Innotek are generally very high quality touch panels in mid- to large-sizes, as compared to smaller smart phone and tablet applications. LG Innotek provides a variety of projected capacitive touch panels, also known as PCAP or PCT panels, used in applications requiring between 15″-65″ direct interfacing (rather than using an intermediary such as a mouse, stylus, or keyboard).

SmarterGlass can acquire panels direct from LG Innotek, and is happy to be your chosen panel supplier! We can provide between 500-15000 panels annually of the panel model of your choice. Just contact or click below!

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