Manufacturer Reveal: Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a global company specializing in the manufacture, production, and sale of electronics and technologies. Officially founded on January 15, 1921 in Tokyo, Japan, this industry leader extends its reach through a range of applications. In addition to the LCD industry, Mitsubishi manufactures electronic equipment used in Energy and electric systems, automation, information and communication systems, electronic devices and microprocessing, and home appliances.

Fun Fact: Similarly to some other LCD manufacturers, Mitsubishi panel part numbers also include the length of the diagonal of the panel in the panel number. Ex. AA192AA01 is a 19.2” panel.

They produce standard format panels, which have a 5:4 or 4:3 aspect ratio, the sizes of which typically range from 5.7″ to 19.0″. These panels are most often used in industrial applications. Mitsubishi also produces wide format displays, typically featuring a 16:9 or 16:10 ratio. These panels, which fall within the 4.3″ to 17.5″ size range (19.2″ for ultra-wide panels), are generally used in industrial, automotive, or avionics industries. Additionally, custom formatted panels for special jobs requiring a non-traditional ratio, resolution, or other factor can be ordered and developed for special use in most industries requiring any specific features unable to be found in their other products. 

Fun Fact: Mitsubishi panels have long lifetimes and support backwards compatibility; outdated panels are discontinued, but in their place new and impoved models are constantly being developed. These often feature increased brightness, lower power consumption, or reduced glare, all while remaining compatible with outdated models.

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