New Products Available!

A series of previously unavailable display panels have recently become available for purchase. These are high quality TFT modules in small sizes perfect for virtual reality, smart phones, and small tablets.

  • DLC0122AZS-2 —- 1.22 inch TFT,  TN technology, Half round for wearing product
    • This high pixel density in a tiny package display panel is useful for heads up displays and wearable products such as smart watches.
  • DLC0500JDR —- 5 inch TFT, Wide viewing angle(by ofilm), wide temperature range
    • The DLC0500JDRs wide temperature range makes it useful for variable robust applications such as mobile phone technology, or in industrial applications in which higher or lower than normal temperature standards are required.
  • DLC0686AML —- 6.86 inch TFT, 480×1280 resolution, IPS technology, native tooling technology 
  • DLC0784BZK —- 7.84 inch TFT, 400×1280 resolution, IPS technology, native tooling technology
    • This almost 8″ display has a very high resolution for its size making it the perfect panel for use in tablets. It can be adapted for mobile computing (or mobile phones if you prefer a larger hand-held), but also shines in small data displays for niche products.

Come view more available DLC products at, or contact us about any inquiries regarding these panels here.