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DLC0039ADOF – New 0.39″ DLC OLED for AR and VR!

DLC has released a new small high-resolution OLED display for augmented reality and virtual reality applications. This display less than two-fifths of an inch in size is 1080p.

Both eyes having access to native 1080p displays will make games, movies, and other immersive experiences look stunning. OLED displays with their inky blacks and high refresh rates will increase immersion and reduce motion sickness. If you were wondering about the vibrancy of colors, the screen’s brightness is 500 cd/m2.

Part #DLC0039ADOF

Available Now NL8060BC21-11F and LC260EUN-SCA1!

Are you in need of a TV or industrial panel? Here are two hot models from those verticals. Do you need a different panel? Contact one of our qualified sales people for more information, P: 978-465-6190 or E: sales@smarterglass.com.

Part #NL8060BC21-11FLC260EUN-SCA1

LCD Kits of All Sizes!

Do you need an LCD solution for your next project. Tired of matching a boards to panels. Look no further. From big to small we have it all. LCD / AD board kits of all sizes. Contact one of our qualified sales people for more information, P: 978-465-6190 or E: sales@smarterglass.com.

SizePart #ResolutionInputs
8.4K084LSS-T01800×600VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
10.1K101LAW-T011024×600VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
10.1K101LWW-V011280×800VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
10.4K104LGS-T011024×768VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
11.6K116DXW-V011366×768VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
12.1K121LGS-T011024×768VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
12.5K125DHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
13.3K133DHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
14.0K140DHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
15.0K150LGS-T011024×768VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
15.6K156DHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
17.0K170LES-T011280×1024VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
17.3K173DHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
18.5K185LXW-T011366×768VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
19.0K190LES-T011280×1024VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
21.5K215LHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
23.6K236LHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
23.8K238DKW-V013840×2160VGA, HDMI, DP, Audio Jack
23.8K238LHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
27.0K270LHW-V011920×1080VGA, DVI, Audio Jack
31.5K315VKW-V013840×2160VGA, HDMI, DP, Audio Jack