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EOL Innolux G121XGE-L01 Available!!!

Still using the G121XGE-L01 for your industrial application? We got you covered. Even though this panel went EOL in August we can still source it for you. Don’t wait! They may be gone soon! Contact one of our qualified sales people for more information, P: 978-465-6190 or E: sales@smarterglass.com.

Part #G121XGE-L01

Discovering the V420H1-L07

Boasting a hard exterior coating (3H), large panel size, and high image quality, this discontinued panel remains highly desired. Good for across-the-room viewing, the V420H1-L07 is largely used as a television screen, or for viewing data across a larger span of area than most panels can provide. It’s weight, although seemingly cumbersome, comes from its high stability and large size! Check out more details below.

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An Inside Look at: G104X1-L04

An ultra-viewable panel all around, this panel is perfect for industrial applications in which a clear, visible, reliable screen is needed, making it a widely applicable panel. As such is most often applied in military, medical, or avionics fields. Specific features supporting this include its wide viewing angles, high temperature range, white LED backlighting (with easily replacable lamp) and a smooth antiglare surface.

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