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Sharp LS055R1SX04 17,000pcs Available!

Just in! 17,000 pcs of the Sharp LS055R1SX04! This panel may be small in size but not in pixels. The people over at Sharp were able to fit over 3.5 million pixels on to this 5.5″ display. Amazing! Contact one of our qualified sales people for more information, P: 978-465-6190 or E: sales@smarterglass.com.

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This Week’s Hot Find: LS055R1SX04

After the development of 3D televisions emerged the idea of immersive virtual realities. These high-tech displays provide entertainment through the use of two images unique to what each eye would see, allowing the user to experience a game or video as if they were really there. 

Such technology requires the use of high quality displays. Not only does the screen have to be high resolution so the image does not get pixelated at the close proximity required by VR, but it has to have a high refresh rate to prevent from lag and delayed image updating.

Recently, one of the most popular panels for use in such products has become available: the LS055R1SX04. This SHARP panel boasts a 1440×2560 resolution on its modest 5.5″ display, indicating that it so features an impressively high 537 PPI. These important attributes make it perfect for use in virtual reality headsets, as well as HD smartphone screens.

Read more about the LS055R1SX04’s product specifications below!

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