This Week’s Hot Find: HSD070PWW1-B01

Being both very hard to find and highly desired for its use in tablets, the HSD070PWW1-B01 is This Week’s Hot Find. 

Featuring a wide viewing angle, wide aspect ratio, and powerful white backlight, the HSD070PWW1-B01 is designed for tablets and small laptop computers. Although still currently in production, it is hard to find in the market due to its widespread usage and tendency to sell quickly.

Additional Specs:

  • HannStar Brand
  • 7.0″ diagonal
  • Hard coating
  • Weighs only 90g
  • 1280×800 resolution
  • Operating temperature between -20° and 70° C
  • Normally black transmissive screen
  • Wide viewing angle, visible from 89° on all sides

SmarterGlass currently has 2000 pcs available unused and in original packaging upon request. If  you’re interested, please contact the SmarterGlass sales team at, or click below for your complimentary data sheet!

HSD070PWW1-B01 Form