This Week’s Hot Find: LQ101R1SX01

Originally designed for use in tablets or small laptops, the LQ101R1SX01 is a high performance display all around. Operating at the standard 60Hz refresh rate, this high resolution panel is still currently in production and available for purchase.

Additional Information Below:

  • SHARP brand
  • 10.1″ screen size
  • 2560×1600 high resolution display
  • Normally black transmissive TFT
  • Wide viewing angle (80° all directions)
  • 299 PPI
  • Weights 151g (±15g)

Interested in this panel? SmarterGlass currently has as many as 2,000 pieces available for shipping worldwide. A one year warranty is included following purchase. Contact our sales team at or click below for your complimentary data sheet!

LQ101R1SX01 Form