This Week’s Hot Panel: AA192AA01 and AA192AA51

Mitsubishi developed the AA192AA01 for mass production in early 2010 as a bar panel, typically for use in the automotive industry.

The special viewing angle is designed for use in cars, as it is visible from 80° from above, below and from the right; the viewing angle from the left is only 60° however, so that the driver of the vehicle will be distinctly less able to view the screen, providing a safer driving environment (fewer distractions).

Additional information detailed below:

  • 19.2″ diagonal
  • 1920×360 resolution bar display
  • Normally white screen
  • Transmissive panel
  • Antiglare coating
  • Damage resistant 3H hard coating
  • Embedded WLED backlight with driver
  • Wide temperature range, from -30° to 80° C  (-22° to 176° F)
  • 500 cd/m2 AA192AA01 or 650 cd/m2 AA192AA51
  • 60°/80°/80°/80° viewing angle L/R/U/D

The AA192AA01 and AA192AA51 are essential panels in new cars, helping to usher in a new era of automotive entertainment and information. To learn more, please email or click below for your complimentary data sheets!

AA192AA01 and AA192AA51 Form