Types of LCD Providers

Read all about the different types of panel providers in the industry! Each has different benefits over the others, with its own capabilities and limitations. The four types are: Authorized distributors, stocking distributors, brokers, and service providers. Read more about each below.

Authorized Distributor

This is a distributor working with manufactuers. The OCM (original component manufacturer) has made a contractual deal or agreement with this company authorizing them to buy, stock, re-package, sell, and distribute some or all available product lines made by the OCM.

Stocking Distributor

Stocking distributors are another type of panel distribution company independent of the OCM. These companies keep large quantities of stock purchased from an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or OCM. They make profit through buying product at wholesale prices and quantities directly from producers, and then resell at an increased price to dealerships.


Brokers execute buying and selling deals for investors or customers. These are often licensed as professionals who understand industry standards and good deals, which are then negotiated upon request from customers to acquire panels.

Value Added Service Provider

These include companies who somehow increase the value of the panel, either by packaging it with other items, using it in a product, or increasing the value of the panel by adding desirable qualities to it i.e. applying cover glass to a panel to increase robustness and clarity (see here for details on panel enhancements).