Why the Touchscreen is Killing the Button

Are you a developer of a product trying to decide how best to design your device to be the most user friendly? Why use joysticks, switches, and buttons to control your device when you could merge them all into one direct interface?

Buttons and toggles continue to become more and more outdated as the touchscreen rises to power- doubling as both an input device and an output for display, you can save space and downscale on your product while improving usability and user interfacing. Not only is it easy to use, but its easy to integrate into your devices as well!

Almost all displays now come with ICs, or integrated controllers, built in to make the monitor relatively ‘plug-and-chug’. This avoids the need for an additional PCB that would only serve to take up space in your product, instead allowing you to interface directly with the monitor. For a monitor not built into the same device as the controlling computer, a typical analogue connection such as VGA or HDMI, or a digital connection (commonly HDMI or display port) is used. In smaller panels or panels in which the display will be housed in the same casing, LVDS or in some cases EDP connections will be utilized to connect the visual aspect of the screen. As for touch connectivity and external input, it is generally as easy as plugging in an additional USB cable for computer use, or implementing another slave device on an I2C connection.

Touch screens can be perfect for device controllers as they can display a wide variety of different control methods, all on an interactive screen. Knobs, buttons, switches, and joypads can be displayed with customizable themes to fit the feel of the device.

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